Hi and welcome to Nourish Me!

Covid19 Info: 
As we all navigate this scary and unprecedented time, we here at Nourish want you to know that we are here for you! Now, more than ever, it is so very important that you are nourishing your body and supporting your immune system.  Luckily we can help!

We are moving into a commissary kitchen and are beginning to offer delivery service of healthy and nourishing meals right to your door. Please click here or go to our services page to learn more.

We will continue to uphold our values of food designed for your specific health goals and will continue to use ingredients that are as nutritionally impactful as possible.  We want you to feel confident that you can maintain your health goals from home and that starts with healthy food. One important thing to remember when thinking about how to support yourself during this time is that almost 75% of your immune response starts with the organisms in your gut. A healthy gut means a strong immune response!  What better way to build up your immunity than to feed yourself (and your gut buddies) fresh, healthy foods. 

While we know that there is so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, you can be certain that we will continue to support our clients and our communities by providing clean, fresh, healthy meals.  We are taking all of the recommended precautions when preparing your food including wearing masks and gloves and not working if we are sick or have been exposed to others who are sick. We will work hard to ensure the health and safety of you and your families. Please don’t forget that you have a community of people around you who continue to focus on and care deeply about your health and wellbeing! 

About Nourish:

I am excited to share my food with you! I started Nourish Me! because I think it is important to eat food that is based on the latest scientific research. In your food, there are ingredients that are good for your body, and there are others that your body doesn’t benefit from. My goal is to create meals for you that are delicious and fuel your body the right way.


Meet Charity

Nourish was started as a way to help everyone
achieve a diet that is good for their body and mind. I believe that the food we put in our mouth directly affects how we feel and how our bodies function. That is why it is so important to understand what is inside the food we’re eating.

I chose the name Nourish Me because as a child, growing up on the farm, the way I ate influenced my relationship with food later in life. I would go over to my grandma's house a lot for meals. Everything she made was from scratch and usually from the garden or orchard. We would sit down at the table and talk and eat. I always thought of these meals as truly nourishing! I believe that really good food has a story and is savored with friends and family!


Chef Charity picking out produce at the Pearl St. Farmers Market


What’s Special About My Cooking? 

All of my food is made from scratch with whole foods and no preservatives. I specialize in cooking food that helps reduce inflammation, improve gut health and especially help people who have autoimmune diseases.. There are many benefits to changing your diet.


Meet Emily: 

I am a Nutritionist and Chef. I am a graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute here in Denver CO.  Through NTI, I completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program and got certified as a Natural Foods Chef. My goal as a Nutritionist is to show all of my clients that food and health goals can be fun and delicious! I work hard to make diet and lifestyle changes approachable and I understand that good food is tantamount to happiness.  I also understand that so often nutritional changes are quickly abandoned because of lack of interest and/or fear of kitchen skills. With my knowledge as a chef, I can help provide simple and sustainable ways for you to feed yourself and feel confident doing it. I have lots of experience working with food allergies and elimination diets, and love designing diets and meal plans specifically for unique individual health needs.  I have also done a good deal of work with autoimmune issues and work often with the AIP diet. My greatest nerdiest nutrition passion is brain health and I love learning all the amazing and exciting research about how food can support healthy brain functioning for a long and thoughtful life. When I’m not busy making a mess of my kitchen or lounging on the couch with my dogs reading nerdy science books, you can find me working in my backyard garden, hiking in the mountains looking for edible plants, or dancing my pants off at a bluegrass concert downtown.  


Some of the health benefits of eating a healthier diet include:

  • increased energy

  • less or no brain fog

  • reduction or elimination of joint and muscle pain and skin related issues like psoriasis 
  • getting rid of migraines, chronic headaches

  • getting rid of bloating, IBS, Acid Reflux 

  • less need to take medication if any  

What we are really good at is planning meals and snacks that you will enjoy eating that also fit within the diet that helps you feel your best!


More About our Food

Our recipes are developed using alternative flours like almond flour that replaces bleached wheat flour.  We use macadamia nut butter, and walnut butter, or other healthy butter alternatives in muffins, cookies, and pies. We incorporate sweeteners that are good for you, like date paste, honey and maple syrup to replace processed sugars. 


“Our ultimate goal is for our healthy food to taste good AND benefit your body.”


All of our recipes only include ingredients that benefit your health because your body needs all the nutrients it can get. Let me help you design your way away from processed sugars, artificial ingredients and unhealthy oils and fats and into delicious ways of eating vegetables, fruits, baked goods and whole grains.


Check out some of my recipes for yourself under Make My Recipes




Personal chef services are for people that are busy and just don't have the time, energy or interest to spend cooking, grocery shopping and testing recipes for long periods of time but want to eat healthy and have fabulous tasting food.

CONTACT ME: if you are ready to order food!


♥ Need help with your new diet? I can help you with going through your existing pantry and getting rid of those items that aren't ok for you. We can go grocery shopping and learn about all the ways junk is hidden in food labels and choose food that is in season and delicious. 

CONTACT ME: if you need help with your new diet.


♥ We offer personal chef services for parties that are delicious, organic, natural, seasonal and preservative free. I also offer full gluten, nut, egg, dairy free, grain-free, vegan and vegetarian food!  

CONTACT ME: if you have a party to plan. I would love to make the food for you!


♥ Cooking for People with Autoimmune Diseases

CONTACT ME: for more info about autoimmune diets!


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