Hi and welcome to Nourish Me!
I am excited to share my food with you! Nourish was started because I think it is important to eat food that uses the latest research in science and the specific ingredients that are and aren't good for you to produce food that is delicious and you will enjoy eating.

All of my food is made from scratch with whole foods and no preservatives. I specialize in making food that helps reduce inflammation, improve gut health and help people who have autoimmune diseases. There are many benefits to changing your diet. Some of the benefits include, increased energy, less or no brain fog, reduction or elimination of  joint and muscle pain and skin related issues like psoriasis getting rid of migraines, chronic headaches, bloating, IBS, Acid Reflux and the need to take less or no medication among a few. Let me help you plan meals and snacks that you will enjoy eating that fit within the diet that helps you feel your best!


A little About My Food

My recipes are developed using alternative flours like almond flour, macadamian nut butter, and walnut butter, to replace bleached wheat flour and use sweeteners that are good for you like: date paste, honey and maple syrup to replace processed sugars. My ultimate goal is for all my healthy food to taste good and benefit your body. All my recipes only include ingredients that benefit your health because you body needs all the nutrients it can get.

Let me help you baby step your way away from processed sugars, artificial ingredients and unhealthy oils and fats and into delicious ways of eating vegetables, fruits, baked goods and whole grains. If you are tired of eating healthy food that taste gross give me a call!

Check out some of my recipes for yourself under Make My Recipes.

Speak to me today for free over the phone about your dietary and health goals and then receive a free customized light dinner at your house. ($100 value)


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