Nourish was started as a way to help everyone achieve a diet that is good for their body and mind. I believe that the food we put in our mouth directly affects how we feel and how our bodies function. That is why it is so important to understand what is in the food we are eating and why it is there.

The name Nourish Me was chosen because as a child, growing up on the farm, I would go over to my grandma's house a lot for meals. Everything she made was from scratch and usually from the garden or orchard. We would sit down at the table and talk and eat. I always thought of these meals as truly nourishing! I think really good food has a story and is savored with friends and family!


♥ Need help with your new diet? I can help you with going through your existing pantry and getting rid of those items that aren't ok for you. We can go grocery shopping and learn about all the ways junk is hidden in food labels and choose food that is in season and delicious. I can give you a personal or group cooking class in your kitchen or mine on foods you want to perfect making. 

♥ My personal chef services are for people that are busy and just don't have the time, energy or interest to spend cooking, grocery shopping and testing recipes for long periods of time to but want to eat healthy and have fabulous tasting food.

♥ One of my goals is to educate clients about how to eat a diet of natural foods largely free of additives that detract from the flavor, quality and health benefits of what they are eating. Another goal is to teach clients how shop for and to cook delicious food themselves in a short amount time.

♥ I offer catering for parties that is delicious,organic, natural, seasonal and preservative free. I also offer full gluten, nut, egg, dairy free, grain-free, vegan and vegetarian food!

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