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Cooking Class and Shopping Trip

How is works:

Do you have a specific diet that you want to learn to follow or a diet that was recommended to you by a nutritionist that you want to learn how to cook for?

Give me a call.
We will discuss your diet and what you like to eat and would like to learn to cook.  Contact me for a free consultation or give me a call to arrange a time: 785-317-0024.

I will send you a menu of 6 recipes to choose from.
These recipes will match your diet and the things you like to eat. You choose 4 of those recipes.

We set a date that is convenient for you to go shopping and cook the recipes you have chosen to make with me.
We will go to 2 different stores. While grocery shopping you will learn how to read ingredient labels, get recommendations of easy things you can buy, to eat, that fit your diet as well as buying the food we need to make your recipes.

We will go to your house or do an online call and I will teach you knife skills, as well as other cooking that are involved in your recipes. Some of these techniques may include: pan searing, oven roasting, making sauces, making salad dressing or mayo from scratch or making paleo, vegan, or keto baked goods.

You get to keep all the food we make and freeze it for future meals or snacks.
Usually we make 4 to 6 servings of each meal we are making. We will put them in containers and you can either freeze them or put them in your fridge for eating later in the week.

I clean up your kitchen
If I am cooking with you in your kitchen, vs a zoom class, I will clean it up and make it look like we never even cooked in there.

To get started with your Cooking Class and Shopping Trip contact me for a free consultation or give me a call to arrange a time: 785-317-0024.